Thursday , May 23rd 2019
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DY Unisex Safety Shoes Steel Toe Work Shoes Industrial & Construction Puncture Proof Shoes for Men and Women …

Product Features:

    Size suggestion:man 3/women 5.5= Europe size 35man 4/women 6.5= Europe size 36man 5/women 7.5= Europe size 37man 5.5/women 8= Europe size 38man 6/women 8.5= Europe size 39man 7/women 9= Europe size 40man 7.5/women 10= Europe size 41man 8.5= Europe size 42man 9= Europe size 43man 10= Europe size 44man…
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Product Description

Size suggestion:
man 3/women 5.5= Europe size 35
man 4/women 6.5= Europe size 36
man 5/women 7.5= Europe size 37
man 5.5/women 8= Europe size 38
man 6/women 8.5= Europe size 39
man 7/women 9= Europe size 40
man 7.5/women 10= Europe size 41
man 8.5= Europe size 42
man 9= Europe size 43
man 10= Europe size 44
man 10.5= Europe size 45
man 11= Europe size 46
man 11.5= Europe size 47
man 12= Europe size 48

 ♪Brand:DY outdoorproducts

♪Productname: Safety shoes

♪Function:Puncture Resistant; Slip Resistant ; Resistant Oil ; Resistant Acids ;Resistant Alkali ; Cushioning and Breathable.

♪OCCASIONS:Machinery / Metal processing / Glass products / Shipbuilding / Steel / Aluminum/ Cement / Construction / Chemical / Petrochemical / Oil / Automotive /Electronics industries

Product Features

  • ▶1901 black: This is an ULTRALIGHT safety shoe, like running shoes. They can help you to work happily all day without exhausting your feet. With super soft insoles and High elastic sole, your feet are safe and comfortable. Flying knit upper is very soft, Keep your feet comfortable and breathable.
  • ▶1902 black: The Safety shoes like sneakers, The Great design made me own a pair without hesitation. Of course it comes with a Fly knitting uppers, soft insoles, safety steel toe, and kevlar anti-puncture soles.
  • ▶1903 black and red : Very casual design, just like a pair of casual shoes. Good quality for the price. They have everything a good safety shoe should have, and let them do their job.
  • ▶We sincerely understand that your work has brought you some difficulties ,and YOU DO NEED your safety shoes to be Light, breathable, safe and comfortable. They’ve worked for hundreds of thousands of people, and they’re highly regarded. You could be the next to have them. HEY, GUYS, JUST TRUST THEM.
  • ✔As for the size and other information of shoes, if you have any questions, please refer to the product description, you can also send an email or leave a message, we will reply as soon as possible.